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Accessories provide the finishing touch and unify a space through texture, colour and content. A stunning piece of art, a beautiful vase, flowers or the soft embrace of a throw, a cushion or the scent of a candle all combine to tell and complete the story of our spaces and that is the reason why we take particular care to offer pieces that are both unique and universally appealing.

Tell the story of your home through our specially curated accessory selection.

apo coral spherical aluminium vase.jpg

Apo Coral Spherical Aluminium Vase

£95 Available after 15th February

apo coral large vase.jpg

Apo Coral Large Vase


amara square marble tray with brass meta

Amara Square Marble Tray With Brass Metal Inlay


ashira set of 2 organic bookends.jpg

Ashira Set of 2 Organic Agate Bookends


monstera leaf aluminium platter.jpg

Monstera Leaf Aluminium Platter


studio blue square velvet cushion.jpg

Studio Blue Square Velvet Cushion, 50x50cm


blue and gold marble effect glass wall a

Blue And Gold Marble Effect Glass Wall Art 70x100cm

£170 (out of stock till 15/12/20)

faux green hydrangea 47cm.jpg

Faux Green Hydrangea With Leaves 47cm

Set of 6


Faux Pink Peony Spray With Leaves 87cm.j

Faux Pink Peony Spray With Leaves 87cm

Set of 6


apo coral aluminium platter.jpg

Apo Coral Aluminium Platter

£60 Available after 15th February

Ocean Wave Silver Aluminium Vase.jpg

Ocean Wave Silver Aluminium Vase


tavora set of 4 quartz coasters.jpg

Tavora Set Of 4 White Quartz Coasters


aleena natural agate slice and gold deco

Aleena Natural Agate Slice & Gold Decorative Tray


Monstera Leaf Gold Aluminium Platter.jpg

Monstera Leaf Gold Aluminium Platter


studio blue rectang velvet cushion.jpg

Studio Blue Rectangular Velvet Cushion, 35x50cm


Faux White Orchid In Black Pot 71cm.jpg

Faux White Orchid In Black Pot 71cm


faux green hydrangea 71cm.jpg

Faux Green Hydrangea With Leaves 71cm

Set of 6


Faux White Open Bloom Peony Spray With L

Faux White Open Bloom Peony Spray With Leaves 70cm

Set of 6